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All things Blockchain and Company Accounting


We are in the habit of being transparent and direct when it comes to pricing.  Once we understand the work involved in detail we send out an engagement letter setting out our terms for you to sign.


Generally our charges are paid monthly by direct debit or via contract.  Prices set are reviewed on a timely basis and any changes are communicated a month prior to any change.

Our pricing model is nevertheless a slightly complex affair, so we cannot give you a direct price here.   Our pricing is based on a number of factors including the following:

The volume, intensity and frequency of work

If the company has various bank accounts and 10's of staff, as compared to a smaller affair for example.  If you would like us to update your management accounts daily or simply complete your yearly returns and other obligations.

The greater the volume of work, the more free we are to give discounts.

Turnaround Speed

If you need a faster turnaround, then this might mean more resources being used for which we may need to charge more.  This is not always the case.  If we have six months to do a tax plan, we will charge less as compared to being forced to do it in a week with a tight deadline for example.

Involvement of work

Often our clients take an active role and prefer to complete certain accounting tasks themselves.  On other occasions we are tasked with everything from bank reconciliations to final accounts.

Complexity of work

Crypto mining, forks, airdrops and rewards are the examples of complexity in the crypto space.  A tech company requires more expertise and resource due to the complexity of the industry.   Should the business structure be formed of various companies linked by way of parent and many subsidiaries, this too adds to complexity of work.

With your (the client's) permission we might look to engage an associate that might better hand the issue.


Format and ease of primary documents received

The drive towards a paperless society continues, with it's advantages and disadvantages.   Generally, paperless documents (pdf's) sent to us reduce our work load as compared to a box of paper receipts.  We are happy to accept both, but we change our price accordingly.

Often we set up bank feeds and send out regular reminders of deadlines approaching.  There are occasions where we do not receive timely information from our clients, which then hinders our work.

State of the your (the clients') books on handover

Often it is easier for us to start with a blank canvas, rather than having to fix a number or errors when we reconcile our clients accounts on handover for example.   A common error is for directors to pay themselves an illegal dividend, or mix their personal expenses with that of the company for example.

Whether we are qualified to do the work

At present we do not engage in any form of audit, but work in the formation, documentation and presentation of accounts only.  If the work is clearly beyond our remit, we would be the first to let you know.

Any legal challenge against our client, and or other provision for liablility

Attached to the point above, we would endeavour to help, but if the work becomes sensitive, we may need to charge more.  And once again if it is beyond our remit we might need to decline the works at the outset.

Any software needed on behalf of our client


There are now numerous niche & specialised management accounting, CRM, linking to the accounts function or statistical packages for example that can be extremly useful, along with the standard online bookkeeping databases as available in the mainstream.


And various other considerations

We ask all our clients to openly express any other details that might aid us in finding the correct price to the benefit of both parties.   The list above is not finite therefore.

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minimum pricing & CURENT SERVICES
Services: Services

To If you are interested in any of our service below, please do not hesitate in giving us a call or filling out the attached PDF form with your details.  We would endeavour to get back to you in 48 hours with a price. 

To give our clients an idea of our prices in general, we have listed a few of our common works along with the mimimum respective prices as set (March 2023):

INDIVIDUAL DIRECTORS                           MIN. PRICES

Director's Personal Tax Return                          £250 (+VAT)

Crypto Specific Personal Tax Return                £450 (+VAT)


Limited Company Accounts Package               £185 (+VAT) per Month (Min. 6 Month Contract)

(Including Specified Payroll)

CT600 Company Tax Return Only                    £395 (+VAT)

Accounting for Crypto  & Company Taxes        £595 (+VAT)

Company VAT Return Only                               £295 (+VAT)

Confirmation Statment Only                             £90 (+VAT)

Shareholders Record keeping Service               £55 (+VAT) per Month (Min. 6 Month Contract)

Company Tax Plan                                             £550 (+VAT)

New Company Setting up Service                     £750 (+VAT)

Software package Setup Service                       £350 (+VAT)

Company Internal Review (Accounting)             £850 (+VAT)

Company Internal Review (Constitution)            £950 (+VAT)


Direct consultation                                           £250 (+VAT) per Hour

How the Blockchain might help

your company Research Report                       £995 (+VAT)

Management Accounting upgrades

to your Company.  Research Report                 £995 (+VAT)

Non-Executive Directors Role                            Variable Rate

Our other assoicates can offer complimentary services such as specific company law matters, shareholder and director contracts or resoultion concerns, and other legal matters for example.

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